Words about how I work:

I’m big on education.  I’ve been working in schools and colleges since 2000.  I work with teachers and pupils of all ages and abilities.  I offer In -Service training, residencies and bespoke workshops.  I don’t just write poetry.  I’m a bit ‘cross platformy’ now  and can do Drama,  Short Film and Screen Writing and most recently, I’ve started doing that computer game  and interactive media stuff .  I also work outside of formal education. At the moment I’m working for: Valley Community Theatre, The Power House Foyer , The Windows Project and Toxteth TV.  I try to create writing experiences that are fun, imaginative and challenge expectations.  I sometimes bring biscuits with me.  I think that allowing time to think, discuss, create and reflect over a chocolate HobNob or a Jaffa Cake could well be the key to improving Literacy skills across the board.

If you’re thinking of booking me, you might want to know what previous participants have thought:

‘An outstanding two days.  Students engaged every minute.’

Derek Williams (Teacher) Radcliffe School.

‘The workshop was superb. Considering this was the Year 7  first day at school, the group and writer worked as though they had known each other for years.’

(Head of Year 7)  Halewood Community College.

‘A brilliant day – pupils engaged throughout. Very good stimulus materials – poems performed and read. This Year 7 class really took to the writer.’

Miss Griffith (English Teacher) Arch Bishop Blanch School.

‘Alison was a real hit with this Year 8 class. The pupils were engaged and produced some excellent poems. The class responded well and enjoyed the session.’

Shirley Donnelly (Senior Teacher) Litherland High School

‘You really inspired us to be great poets and writers. You have really given us confidence in writing.’

Chloe (Year 7) Arch Bishop Blanch School.

‘It was a fantastic day and fun filled and very exciting.’

Lauren (Year 7) Arch Bishop Blanch School.

‘Chambers Dictionary describes poetry as the ‘art of writing’ but I have learnt from you it’s alot more.  It’s about telling of the past, the future and the present.  It’s telling people how you feel.  Thank you for teaching me the art of poetry.’

Isabella (Year 7) Arch Bishop Blanch School.

Bluecoat In -service training (Primary and Secondary) Drama Teachers Evaluation:


Drama morning gave me excellent ideas. They will be used.’

‘Very inspiring.’

You may have noticed that none of them mention biscuits – I consider this an oversight.


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