Words about me:

Alison Down


E: alis.ondrama@yahoo.co.uk

M: 07904865913

Personal Statement:

I’m a writer.  I write short films, plays and performance poetry.  I have recently crossed over into the world of computer gaming and am acquiring new words like console, hud and Massively Multi Player Online Games in the hope that someday soon it will all make sense.  I work independently and collaboratively.  I write comedic work with a hint of pathos and works of pathos with a hint of comedy.  I am currently co writing a romsitcom, editing a Games Design Document and developing a poetry anthology ‘Elastoplasts for the Soul.’  The poems on my home are from that anthology.  If you look around my blog you’ll find other wordage that I hope you’ll enjoy.  If you are the Arts Council I hope you will decide that I am just the kind of writer you want to fund:


Wordage – Creating inspirational bespoke projects – Directing/ Co directing – Coordinating and developing large-scale creative projects –  Script editing – Performance Poetry – Workshop delivery – Basic skills in Photo-Shop – After-Effects – Premier.


In 2008, I produced narrative and led the creative team for Toxteth TV on the Multi Arts and Agency project ‘Tales.’ Funded by Liverpool Culture Company, ‘Tales’ was performed at the prestigious St George’s Hall, had a production company/ cast of 400 teenagers and involved an impressive amount of face paint.

At the end of 2008, I was selected for ‘Crossover Kids’ a cross platform week supported by the BBC, The Independent and Unexpected Media. I consequently team pitched at BAFTA a children’s comedy animation ‘Recon Ponies.’(They came, they saw, they cantered).

I have written numerous short films including award winning Film Council short film: ‘Flight’ which premiered in Cannes in 2005 and won the Bucharest International Short Film Festival. I provided script support on ‘Luv Texty,’ short listed Best Comedy for First Light Film and ‘Voices’ short listed Capital of Culture Award and Best Educational Project 2004.  Most recently I worked on ‘Aftermath’ which has been selected by the Tamper International Film Festival in Finland (‘HandStand’ Production team.AD).

In 2004, I was short listed for BBC ‘Northern Exposure’ with comedy play script ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’. As a result, I received a training bursary from The Film Council.  I have since received development training from The Script Factory and NWV Film and Media.


I am presently working with animators and games design company ‘Onteca’, developing a PlayStation 3 pitch document for Sony and creating character/story development and Games Design Document for children’s multi platform  ‘Monsteca’ blog.onteca.com) I also have a comedy short ( Co writer Ed Connole) in development with SoapBox Films.

In 2008, I co wrote with Ed on North West Film and Media Digital Short ‘Space Freaks: Dance or Die’ a disability sci-fi directed by Max Zadow with music featuring Mat Fraser that will tour festivals later this year.

Over the years, I have written and created numerous bespoke plays for children and young people that have been performed and toured various venues in the North West.  I have a hugely successful reputation as a Writer in Residency for Arts Council project ‘Windows’ (Writers in Schools).

I have a natural affinity for the young and disaffected which has led to my involvement in the development of a community theatre and the organisation and delivery of some nationally recognised drama and film projects (Valley Community Theatre was placed in the top ten UK Youth Theatres and received film awards in 2004/5/6 and ClapperBoard Youth Project 2007/08 (see www.clapperboarduk.com) .

In 2007, I took a six month sabbatical to fund raise for and then volunteer with ‘Bare Feet Theatre’ in Zambia, working with young people and children living on the street. Prior to departure, I organised a creative weekend of ‘Love and Passion’ that involved three Liverpool Theatres, BBC Big Screen and a host of phenomenal talent. Once in Zambia, I was involved in the planning and  co – running of a performance festival with and for 1000 children.

I am passionate and committed to work and words that mean something, that are life changing and that make you smile.

Education and Training:

I have a Masters Degree in Screen Writing and a B.Ed from The Central School of Speech and Drama.

‘…but the rhythm of Shankly’s “Pass, Move, Receive the ball, Pass, Move, Receive the ball,” brought him poetic justice with a Four Three Three formation and for a ninety minute duration was enough to allow him to close his eyes and play ‘keepy uppy’ with words…’ (Extract from poem: More important than that.)

References available on request.


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