Blogs (for George).

My nephew’s just started secondary school. They’ve been talking about blogging in English lessons, so I told him about mine, which promptly guilted me into writing something. As a now avid Tweeter for John’s comedy play @beat_berlusconi, I’ve not blogged as much as I should. If you look at this George – you’ll hopefully see that the headings explain what’s important (background info) and my blogs tend to be : links to things I like on-line, poems, and I’m just about to add up a link to the opening of the film story that I’ve been working on.

I vow to be a better blogger!


Here’s a link George to a fantastic children’s writer Michael Rosen

This is his blog and he’s talking about poetry. Your English teacher will know who he is. He runs a story centre in London. 

Oh and here’s a link to Wikipedia about blogs. Don’t just use this though she’ll know!



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2 responses to “Blogs (for George).

  1. George

    Thank you this has helped me! Hope to speak/see you soon
    love George!xxx

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